Deception Detection

Greetings from Jackson Body Language Secretariat!

Most people operate with a truth bias, a belief that other people are generally telling the truth. To think otherwise would make us pretty cynical, bitter and suspicious. In a number of experiments, people are just less than moderately accurate at detecting the truth; the numbers range at more than 60% that is because we are truth bias. When it comes to detecting lies, we fall below the 40% range, because the truth bias causes us to make more mistakes and at the same time we are not aware of the inherent communication obstacles.

To add to communication obstacles are our stereotypes about deception which are false. People can hide their lying eyes. Shifty eyes are not a good indicator of deception. In fact, people’s stereotypes about deceptive body language bear only a slight resemblance to really deceptive body language.

Understanding & interpreting the really deceptive body language & verbal deceptive behaviours cues to detect deception is a skill and a method, an important subject and area of training especially for those interested in better DECEPTION DETECTION abilities.

It is with this reason that we would like to invite you and your esteem organization to join this 2 day comprehensive course to acquire the skills and techniques in detecting deception.


  • To learn skills in reading truthful and deceptive subjects through the Deception Detection Model and other basic strategies.
  • To learn deception indicators in the nonverbal channel.
  • To learn deception indicators in the verbal channel.
  • To learn techniques & skills in asking & setting the right questions that stimulate truth.
  • To create a conducive environments & to project a professional performance.

Here I attach the Jackson Body Language Brochure for your kind perusal.

Meanwhile, should you require any further information or assistance, and to register, please do not hesitate to contact me @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or +6011 2099 4673.

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