Yeap Ai Li

Yeap Ai LiChairperson & Head of Training

Ai Li is a Director at Summit Capital Training Group which is the fastest growing training and conference organizer in ASEAN with presence over nine cities in the region – and counting.

Her company invest in creating and building a learning culture that foster progress and results. Steadfast in their mission of 'Bringing Knowledge To Life’ and an advocate of lifelong learning, they bring more than a decade of network and experience making the best possible difference in people's lives by delivering meaningful opportunities to engage and learn from thought industry leaders and success icons in specialized areas such as personal growth, psychology, business, finance, technology and more.

Their reality-based educational programs and live training events are geared towards helping newcomers and more experienced participants navigate complicated theories, embrace possibilities and inspire confidence to challenge and thrive in real world situations under the guidance of some of the world’s sharpest minds and experts in their fields.

They believe that no one man can change the world but they exist to change the world of one man, one at a time.